Allowing the Uncommon to Become Common

Placed into foster care at birth. Adopted at 5 months. By age 18, she lost both of her adoptive parents under tragic circumstances. At 22, she found herself in an abusive relationship, then pregnant. By 24, she entered into a new relationship, married, but 3 kids and a year later the marriage failed.  Who is she? She is me.

  • Garbage- Baggage-Weights
  • Abandonment Issues- Low Self-esteem- Emotional Instability

Whatever you want to label them, they were there yet never addressed. So I did what most people do, I continued to push past the pain, but never dealt with it. I walked around with a phony smile and chipper spirit like all was well.

For me, staying “stuck like Chuck”…marinating in my painful experiences and open wounds was no longer tolerable. The layers that “the real me” had been buried under needed to be ripped off. As a believer and all that good stuff… in my forties, four children, one grandchild and remarried – I sought out a therapist.

It’s troublesome how words like therapy-counseling-mental health-even medication are labeled as “taboo” to many people. For some, regardless of whether you are in the church or not – own a major corporation or not – have a college education or not- a “stigma” is attached such words.

I am sure I’m gonna step on some toes and ruffle some feathers, but I’m not sharing to impress the “my life is so perfect crowd”…as if there is one! *total sarcasm

I am writing in order to reach that one person that is:

  • emotionally bankrupt/emotionally fatigued
  • the one that feels like they are alone
  • the one that says “yes” to anything because they want to be non-confrontational
  • the one that goes off on people for the pettiest things

You will never hear me say what God cannot fix- But I will say first Natural, then Spiritual.

How backwards is it that more time, money and care are put into our physical appearance and our automobiles? We won’t dare cancel a nail appointment, hair appointment, tune up or oil change, but when it comes to our mental health, it is often overlooked.

Yet many of us are hiding in plain sight and suffering in silence.


 **** Crickets


The cycle hasn’t been recognized because it was passed down or come by honestly through life’s experiences. It then leads into sabotaging friendships and relationships, displaying anger/aggression often or depression and its’ sidekick anxiety tend to visit frequently. And if we are already parents, unknowingly we are a broken adult raising broken children that end up breaking others.

How bananas is that dysfunctional cycle?

The reality is, pain is inevitable but struggling to cope and suffering through it is optional.

The first and hardest step is to make the call for an appointment. Behind that door, opens more doors leading to freedom, empowerment, wholeness… the list goes on. Delivering a one-two punch of God and therapy literally shattered the toxic bubble that plagued me for so many years.

Why not enter into the New Year and allow the uncommon thing- therapy become common?

 Heck, the worst that can happen is you trade those bags in

  • Step outOpen up– & Be Healed!!

Wishing you all the Best in 2018 and beyond




Therapy/Counsel- Contact your local Church and/or

** If you or someone you know needs immediate help contact

800.273. TALK (8255) – It may save someone’s life!!!


Photo cred: dolgachov